Preventative Maintenance

Not only is it important to have regular maintenance performed on your high-speed door for long term performance, but in addition there are OSHA compliance requirements. Doors without mandated safety devices, or which don't receive proper maintenance, expose you to safety liability.

The High Performance Door Company offers SafedoorPM inspections. SafedoorPM's proprietary expert system provides work plans, which include standards and practices information that are benchmarked to manufacturers' specifications and industry standards. These also include recommended maintenance intervals, so you can be confident your doors will receive the right work, to the right standards, at the right time.

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Safety Compliance

During a SafedoorPM, we check and maintain all Rytec door systems' important components, including:

  • mechanical and structural elements
  • controls, settings
  • safety devices

All work will be performed in accordance with manufacturers' specifications and industry standards for optimal Rytec door performance and safety compliance.

Technicians input notes and take photographs to provide you with clear, detailed information about the work performed, or any problems found. Maintenance practices and safety standards are transparent to you in the Customer Portal, so you can make repair decisions comfortably, and always understand the reason for our recommendations.

All of your Rytec Doors PM records will be posted to SafedoorPM’s cloud-based Customer Portal, where they are securely stored and freely accessible 24/7.

OSHA Compliance Requirements

Manufacturers' Specifications: regulations in many jurisdictions specifically require equipment, including door systems, to be installed, maintained, and configured with safety devices according to manufacturers’ specifications and recommendations.

General Duty Clauses: “General duty of care” provisions, such as Section 5(a)(1) of OSHA, have been used by regulators as the basis for citations and fines involving commercial door systems. Examples of deficiencies cited include: the absence of proper safety devices, poor door installation, and a lack of regular maintenance and inspections.

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