Non-Slip Floor Coatings

The High Performance Door Co. and SLIPDOCTORS™ is the perfect prescription for increasing the safety of your floors, no matter where you live or what your industry may be. We have the know-how to deliver a satisfactory solution for homes and businesses, both large and small.


The High Performance Door Co. (an authorized SlipDoctors™ dealer/provider) is committed to improving the safety of your floors and we begin with a simple concept: MEASUREMENT. You know that you have slick floors if people have fallen in your facility – but by then, it’s too late. The High Performance Door Co. can measure the Coefficient of Friction (C.O.F.) of your floors before a fall occurs and prescribe a solution that will render your floors safer for you and all who walk on them.


We use the most sophisticated device available to measure BOTH the Static Coefficient of Friction AND the Dynamic Coefficient of Friction. Most conventional measuring devices ONLY measure the Static Coefficient of Friction. This just is not enough information to make an educated decision as to the appropriate treatment for your floors.

Factory Trained and Certified

We are the only company on the east coast specializing in High Speed Doors and High Performance Doors. 

Slip Testing Needed?

• Slip and fall analysis and reporting
• Slip resistance testing
SCOF - Static Coefficient of Friction
DCOF - Dynamic Coefficient of Friction
Slip Index and many other options
• Premises liability inspections
• Sidewalk Tripping Hazards
• Tripping Hazard Analysis
• Accident Reconstructions/Investigation
• Stairway and ramp analysis
• Lighting measurement and analysis
• Defect analysis
• ANSI A137.1 / B101.3 / B101.1
• ASTM C1028

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We will take the time necessary to explain our process to you and suggest a treatment plan to remedy any issues we discover with your floors.

• Retail Locations
• Office Buildings
• Hotels & Resorts
• Restaurants
• Entertainment & Sporting
• Industrial Facilities
• Supermarkets
• Medical Facilities
• Schools & Universities