When you buy a Rytec door, you not only get high speed and high performance, you get the backing of the undisputed leader in the industry. That means the assurance of working with a company known around the world for making doors that work - day in, day out, cycle after cycle.

Unlike other companies in our industry, doors aren’t a side line for Rytec. They’re our only business, exclusively. This is why there are over 100,000 Rytec doors in operation today.HIGHLY SPECIALIZED

▪ Increase speed of vehicle and material handling traffic

▪ Decrease energy costs for heating, cooling & refrigeration

▪ Increase control of temperature, humidity and airborne particulates

▪ Increase visibility and natural light ▪ Increase security for controlled access areas

▪ Increase protection from hurricanes and storms ▪ Decrease door downtime and maintenance costs

Rytec PredaDoor® NXT™

America's Leading High-Speed Door Taken to the ‘NXT’ Level

Rytec Doors

Rytec ​Spiral®
High-speed rigid rolling door for high security, high traffic and high design.

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Rytec's Wynd Star™ Door Series
High Speed Doors for Car Wash

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rytec predadoor brochure
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Factory Trained and Certified

We are the only company on the east coast specializing in High Speed Doors and High Performance Doors.